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That Girl's not Right in the Brain
Ash/Ashley/Asheron. 29. Sunny So-Cal

75% Once Upon a Time,
25% Supernatural, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hawkeye Jossverse, Hannibal, Sleepy Hollow, Agents of SHIELD
Occasional Other Things; fashion of the goth, pin-up, or steampunk varieties, space, HP Lovecraft, general nerdery.

OTPs: Captain Swan, Spuffy, Literati, Gambit/Rogue, Clintasha, Caskett

Reading: Outlander (2/7)
Watching: Arrow (23/45)
Listening to: Welcome to Night Vale (15/46)

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Killian Jones + Disney’s Captain Hook parallels (part 1)


Robin smiles from ear to ear because of his queen :)

Storybrooke has frozen over.

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The Many Faces of Osric Chau 9.10.14

Photography by devantheimpaler

Rufio, Edward Scissorhands, and Princess Bubblegum costume by devantheimpaler

Booker Dewitt and Edward Kenyway costumes by Brent

Wonder Woman armor by Tatiana


doctor who meme: [1/9] scenes

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