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That Girl's not Right in the Brain
Ash/Ashley/Asheron. 29. Sunny So-Cal

75% Once Upon a Time,
25% Supernatural, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hawkeye Jossverse, Hannibal, Sleepy Hollow, Agents of SHIELD
Occasional Other Things; fashion of the goth, pin-up, or steampunk varieties, space, HP Lovecraft, general nerdery.

OTPs: Captain Swan, Spuffy, Literati, Gambit/Rogue, Clintasha, Caskett

Reading: Outlander (2/7)
Watching: Arrow (23/45)
Listening to: Welcome to Night Vale (15/46)

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Classic Disney Movies


It’s real! The first official Dancing Groot toy, from the amazing folks at Funko


Frozen is coming to Storybrooke


It’s been a long road, True Blood fans, but it all ends this weekend. In tribute to a show-life well lived, to seven seasons of memories of one sort or the other, to gallons and gallons of fake blood and thousands of tooth extensions… What better way to honor that than by giving away free stuff?

Thanks to Insight Editions, we’re offering five lucky winners a copy of True Blood: The Poster Collection, a book of forty removable posters from all eras of the show. Here are the contest details and how to enter.

TL;DR—Follow and reblog (likes don’t count) to win! Shipping to US and Canada only. And good luck!


Hook, (I regret nothing)

22-23/ pics of my favorite people {x}.
Colin on set Aug. 19, 2014